To reach the Philippines with Gods word.

The Philippines is a beautiful land with very lovely people, A very "religious" nation, however very little is known by most of the people about The Word of God; and even more importantly many that know the Word of God do not know the God of the Word. Therefore many of the people are still lost in either religiosity or some are easily led astray by those who would prey on them take what little they have in the name of "god".

We started by doing VBS for the children during the Easter break, which is like Summer break in the Philippines. The first year we had abut 200 kids.

The Lord has give us some land in this area where we plan to build a House of Prayer. We will be reaching out to local pastors, elders,Bible teachers and such with His agape love and support; while we will be always in children's  ministry.

Having weekly prayer meetings, as well as hosting locals for special Christ and Bible based activities, not a church; the world does not need more churches; it needs more followers of Jesus Christ; men and women who have chosen to deny themselves to follow Him.It is about planting people; NOT CHURCHES.

We teach only the essentials of Salvation and Sanctification; as we have grace for the many secondary doctrines that tend to keep the Body of Christ splintered.

Looking for Koinonia fellowships with local believers. Praying for the Lord to raise up true disciples who have a love of Jesus and a burning desire to follow Him, (Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me)..


We sold our home in 2020 and now preparing to  move to Philippines. The target is August 2022. Pray about joining us.

Your prayerful support is such a blessing.

Be Blessed in Him Today

Philippine Bible Ministry

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