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Origin Story


Here is the story: My name is David Pinson; I was saved in 1993 at the age of 37, as you may imagine it took an amazing work of the Lord for that to even happen at that age. The percentage of folks over 30 that come to the Lord is very, very small. My love and passion for God’s word took hold of my heart early on in my walk. Since that time I have been an avid student of God’s word. I began to take some online bible courses in preparation for something, though I did not know what direction the Lord would take me.  I knew that he was calling me to teach his word in some way.

A few years ago (2014) my pastor asked me to teach during our men’s Bibles and Burritos. Then I began co-teaching like every other week at our weekly Bible study. It was in 2017 that I first preached the word at church, at that point I began to take my studies more seriously. Then; it was in February, 2018 that Pastor announced that our church would be closing. I was mortified, and for the foreseeable future my preaching is done, though I was able to still teach or a time.


Having planned a trip to visit my wife’s family in the Philippines, she asked if I could do a couple of Bible studies with her family. Her mom’s family lives in CDO (Cagayan De Oro) and her father’s family lives on the other side of the mountains in a small rural village called Kimaya, which is not far from Gingoog City.


It came to our attention that the people of Kimaya are not only very poor financially but that they are also impoverished in their knowledge of God’s word.  In fact; though the Philippines is a very religious nation, and there are lots of churches, there is in fact but not much knowledge of God’s word.


We bought bibles from the Philippine Bible Association and gave them out to both families and by the way there were about 30 people at that second bible study. When we got back home, I told one of the ladies at church, who just happens to be a Filipina, that these kids and these people do not have any knowledge of the word. She asked my very telling question” Did you leave anyone there to teach them?” this echoed loudly in my soul. A few minutes later when I told our worship pastor the same story I was also surprised that he asked me the very same question about leaving someone behind to instruct them. It hit me then, Who will teach them? 


It occurred to us to go back and do a VBS next year and since I am a public school teacher I get time off for Easter break, which also happens to be the summer break for the kids there. So the timing is perfect. My former church was so excited and the Pastor was looking for some ministry to give money to that was left over from when the church closed. And this type ofd ministry is what he had always wanted to do, So  that became blessed seed money for our ministry!


We had already purchased a very small piece of land on the beach right there, and it turned out at precisely at this time that my wife’s uncle needed to sell his small property with the beginnings of a house on it so that he could get surgery for his daughter. He needed $1000. Well we did not have that money but God put it on my heart that we should buy that property and build the house and use it for the ministry.  At that time the Lord told me to check my small online account in the stock market. And to my delight and surprise it had just produced a $1000 increase! By the way that account had never increased over the past 10 years, in face my efforts had probably cost us a few hundred dollars. So we took it as a sign and bought the property with the building, and then we took some of that seed money and bought another piece of land all of them are attached. So we have a spot that we are hoping to build a chapel and a building where we or someone can live...



The idea is to start with the children and to save some and that some will catch on fire for Jesus. Than to disciple them to eventually to lead others to the Lord, and some day to have a Bible  training center where we can teach others all about the bible, how to study it and how to teach it... a church may or may not be part of this. God knows, but I feel like he wants me to get this started to open Gods whole word to that village first then ..........God knows the plans that he has for us.....

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You may be expecting Bible Studies here. Those will be coming for sure, since we are a Bible Training Ministry.

We begin with some background on how we got our bible and how we can be sure it is reliable


A Breif Overview of the History of The Bible.


So we have shown evidence that the words of the Old Testaments are accurately preserved for over 2,000 years, back to 150 BC. Not back to the original time of 1400BC, however with that kind of amazing protection of the text, it should stand to reason that what we have is very accurate.


We have also shown that the Hebrew Text, as the original is superior to the Greek Septuagint, or the Latin Vulgate, though the Old Latin was also very accurate. That the Old Testament.


New Testament: So much information here. It essentially boils down to this. We (My Ministry) believe that God has preserved the Greek text since the First century and that this was done in the Byzantine Empire, taken up by Erasmus and Stephanus, which became known as the Textus Receptus (The Received Text) It was excepted for hundreds of years from the 1500’s until the early 1900’s.

The newer discovered texts of the various codexes (Codex: Vaticanus, Sinaiticus, and Alexandrianus) are dated from the 4th century and were considered the oldest and best texts. At that time Westcott and Hort decided to use these to write a new and presumably accurate to the original text. At that time, they brought about a new “science” called Biblical Higher Criticism, which they then used to “prove” the superiority of their new text to the Textus Receptus. Nestle came along a few years later and his Nextle Text (NU) became the basis for what are called the Modern English translations (NASB, NIV, ESV, etc.)

There is ample evidence in the oldest text samples (papyrus and the wiritings of the Church fathers, AKA the Patristic Writings, some 86,000, that predate the NU (Codex) texts. These writings the Patristic and the Papyri both are in line with the Textus Receptus and NOT the NU text, thus pretty much proving the superiority of the Textus Receptus.


This is unfortunately not taught or ignored by many if not most Christians.

We are told and it is true that over 90% of our Bibles are in agreement. The number is actually closer to 93%. With that said, it seems to me that we should ere on the side of the Majority Text if we are truly trying to find out what God really said.  THIS MEANS THAT THE KING JAMES , THE NEW KING JAMES , AND THE YOUNGS LITERAL TRANSLATIONS ARE THE MOST ACCURATE TRANSLATIONS! NOT ANY OF THE MODERN ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS: Though the modern English translations are fine to a point, just that they are 97% Bibles.


We believe that the very words are inspired of God, and not just the writers!!

Later I will post some practical advice on what to do with this info, if you do anything at all with it.


PS If you believe that a lot of different people just wrote the Bible to create a religion, then stay tuned…the facts would be like 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 to one of all that stuff happening in the way that it did without some kind of supernatural cause…