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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Philippine Bible Ministry:

So this summer I have been busy with my ministry Facebook page. I have hundreds of visits on that page, but not many here on the main site yet. But I trust the Lord will provide.

If you have not looked at the pages on this site, please do, as it gives a pretty good picture of what Philippine Bible Ministry is all about.

We decided to be non-denominational for the purpose of attracting as many as we can in the Philippines, and else where, There are many churches and denominations, but folks just need God's word and to grow up in Him. Then they can freely worship God in the way they are led.

The plan at this point is to do 2 more VBS in Kimaya duyring Easter break, Then we will be selling our home and moving to Kimaya. The goal is to build a bible training center. Where we will continue to do the VBS ministry, and in addition will do weekly bible stuidies, and discipleship training, The idea that I believ the Lord gave me, is to train up local leaders to take over this ministry.

So The prayer is that Kimaya and the Philippine Bible Ministry will become a beacon and a fire for the Lord. At the same time we are open to any and all other teaching and preaching and minsitry that comes along.

The need is great in the Philippines, there are not many that are well versed in the scripture, and hence the cults grow and the local cults are very active also in Mindanao. There are some leaders who claim to be Christ for example. And lets face it the world is ripe for revival,

Perhaps some of this fire will also spill out here at home in the States, and/or in your country, city, town, or province.

Feel free to use the contact button that is on most every page of this site

and pray for Gods word to move and for Gods revival to ignite across this planet.

In Jesus Name

David PInson


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