Side Note to Christians: Jesus is Alive! Are You?

Jesus Christ did not come into the world to make bad men good. He came to make dead men alive! It is the only religion that declares that God will come and live inside of you when you accept His sacrifice and ask Him to be your Lord and Savior. The Church needs to start acting like the Bride of Christ, instead of the Widow of Christ. There are probably one million lost souls dying without Christ each week!! Yet the Christian continues to stay stuck in this soft and lovely type of Christianity, that just prays for comfort and sits around waiting for the rapture. You believers, think of Christ in Gesthamane, sweating drops of blood, while he realizes what He is about to suffer. Then He stops and considers your life and He thinks to Himself, well I guess its all worth it if John gets to go on a cruise with Mercy Me in 2019! Or Betty gets to go to Israel in 2020. No, He thought of the sinner that needed Him! And then you decide what you will do with your life?? The preacher comes to disrupt our lives for Christ , not to make us feel good, You get that at Disneyland.

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