Why do we care about the Bible or which version might be more accurate?? Because we believe that there is a God and that he wanted to communicate with us, so he had His words written down for us, that we we have some idea as to how to live our lives and about how to know him, be saved from eternal damnation, etc...its important because it is in black and white. Not just some crazy guy said to tell you what God wants..So it is important to get it as right as we can when we read it. We believe that God has protected and preserved His word. The Old Testament er have pretty solid evidence as to the accuracy of the words, at least back as far as 150 BC; thanks to the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Mosorites The New Testament . well that should be easier, the facts began to be convoluted in the late 19th early 20th century. Thais when the text that had been trusted for centuries began to be questioned. Thanks to some codex's (ancient books) that were discovered, and to the work of Westcott and Hort (more on that later) lets just say that for the past 140 years or so, the academic world has accepted this new text as the best text. and what difference does it make? they say that the basic Bibles we use King James Vs NIV and NASB are pretty identical and that the differences are minor. Perhaps, There is an 8% difference in the two basic schools of text. The Westcott/Hort, Nestle aka the NU and the other text being called the Majority Text (TR) The TR has the 8% more. So in an average Greek text with 600 pages that means that 48 pages are missing from the NU. If we grant that half of these differences are minor that leaves like 24 pages of error. So even though you may ere it said, from many sources, that the differences do not put the essential Christian doctrines at risk, some doctrines are weakened; such as the deity of Christ, the ascension of Christ, eternal judgement, the Holy Trinity. etc and the main harm is that the Bibles we hold dear are undermined. Which of course was Satan's first attack in the Garden "Did God really say?"Gen 3:1

Its like the National Inquire. Did you know that some of the stories in that publication are actually true? They have one Pulitzer's etc...but some are pure fantasy. The Bible is not that!

The next few days I will be posting some very precise facts about the New testament scripture, How we got it and which versions you should trust. Hope you will give a look with open mind

Be Blessed

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