Prayer requests for our ministry

Pray for us that our ministry would honor Jesus in all we do

Pray for an end to the Corona Virus lock down so that we could conitnue our ministry in the Philippines

Bind the enemy:

Salvation for children and their families

Victory over demonic forces that would keep the families away from accepting Jesus as their only savior

That God would light a Holy Spirit fire in Mindanao

Provision to build Ministry Center, including a much needed water supply for that village.

Perfect timing for our move to the Philippines: .

That the Lord would lead others to join with us in this ministry

That the seeds planted in 2019 will produce so much fruit that the area of Kimaya will become a beacon for Christ

And God will lift up disciples of Christ  from among the local people; that these will spread the Gospel throughout Mindanao

For God's provision

For our ministry to local church leaders

Pray for our next trip to the Philippines; whenever we can go

no turning back -

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