Day 1; There were 93 kids signed up before we arrived in the morning the neighboring village asked if they could join it was 41 more kids. We didn’t have enough snacks so we had to add an afternoon session that day. So in between we ran into Gingoog City to get more snacks. Day one ; Jesus is the way. They loved the songs and the crafts and the games. 13 kids raised their hands to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


Day 2: Jesus is the truth.There  were 120 kids this day. In addition we had a youth group for the afternoon that had 21 show up which was good because we only had 20 books to hand out, thanks to Virginia for providing A different book for that one special person. It was an amazing day, As I watched Jojie and the kids running around doing the activity I felt so blessed, these kids really captured my heart this day. I'm not sure how many kids we are reaching as some groups all would raise hands and I'm not quite sure if they were sincere , but I do know that they were  so blessed to have us there,  and we were more blessed to be there, seeds are being planted. A few of the youth were really intent on the teaching and I think the Holy Spirit was working

Light of the World - VBS Kids
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Day 3: Jesus is the Life.You should here these kids sing the songs, they have such beautiful voices and they love to hang out with us, the high fives , hugs, and love that is shared is so real. We  have a lesson, a craft, and an activity, that the three groups rotate into. At the end of each day they have snack time, then I announce the names of all of them as I hand them their craft then we all pray and dismiss, they are so happy to hear their names announced. Some have become quite close to us already. One of the local churches has been here with us, the pastor told me that they are going to lose their small church building. It is very, very humble place, As we visit this place and the land that Jojie and I own, we decide to give a portion of that land so that the church can have a home...God is Good!    

Day 4:There is no other way to the Father.  Last day of Kimaya VBS; the kids were in high spirits this day, as we reviewed, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life,  Almost all of them said that they made decisions for Christ today, at least 80. When we are done they do not want to leave, several lingered around until the night, They all wished us well, safe travels, and that we would promise to come back next year. With the Lord's help we shall

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